Procrastibake was designed out of a sheer guilty pleasure. I like to indulge myself in the world of baking and making and avoid, as much as humanly possible, doing any real life work. 

Hello there, I'm Hazel, Procrastibaker extraordinaire. 
***Waves nervously in the hopes you like being here.***

I want this blog to reflect my style of baking, easy going and light-hearted. I want it to be a place where lovely folk like you can stop by with a cup of tea or coffee to catch up. To catch your breath and rest your bones. A place to relax and be happily distracted from your busy life for a few minutes and maybe find a nugget or two of inspiration!  

Let me get in some of the boring stuff: This is my personal blog so all recipes, photographs (and other bits and bobs) are my own. When they are not my own I will credit the original author or photographer. 

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own also and I am not paid to give them. I am not paid at all on this blog. This is my personal space, my little corner of blogland and I invite you to share it with me.

I love to receive interactions and comments here. I really love a chat! Please say hello if you'd like to. Please respect that I, like you, am human and if you do not like a post or recipe I have created then you are entitled to express your opinion in a constructive manner. Abusive, nasty or purposely insulting comments or feedback will not find their way into my comment section. 

You can contact me here on the blog via the comments section or pop an email to procrastibakingblog@gmail.com . 

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