Working with Me

Thinking about working with me?

I enjoy working with brands and would love to partner with your company in various ways.

I like to work with brands that I feel offer an exceptionally high-quality product and am therefore happy to pass on these recommendations on to my readers. I am loyal to those who do  exactly what they say they will. 

Let's BRAINSTORM about some of the ways I can help promote your brand... How about?

Sponsored posts: 
If your product is a good fit for my blog, e.g. works with what I actually do here, then I would love to feature it on Procrastibake. Sponsored posts would consist of a dedicated blog post, written by me including all the details you need, with loads of photography and a recipe, which I share with my blog readers and promote fully across my social media channels, connecting with all your social media channels. Sounds good right?
Recipe Development:  
I love to work with brands where we could collaborate and create bespoke recipes that showcase your product. Again if it fits with what I do here, drop me a line. I can also act as a contributing writer to your brands website or blog and provide you with a full post or tutorial for your readers. This could include a full recipe and delicious photography..

Product Reviews/Giveaways: 
My readers are always interested in my experiences with different products. We've got a good thing going here. I love to try new things and will only provide honest opinions and detailed reviews. Giveaways are a great way to reward my readers for their popping by so often, as well as promoting  your product. It's a win win really! If you think this might be a good match up, then don’t hesitate in getting in touch. 

If you think that we'd make a team, whipping up something sweet together, then please contact me via email  at your earliest convenience and we'll start to discuss details!

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